How to Prevent Vape Leakage

How to Prevent Vape Leakage

Vaping tools or e-cigarettes are slowly emerging as the modern method of smoking culture and for a good reason. Vape tanks range in various sizes, which makes it convenient for you to carry around and take with them on the go.

You can also enhance your vaping experience by using different accessories and a wide range of e-juice flavors. Unfortunately, like any other gadget, these can occasionally also break or cause issues such as vape leakage. 

Continuously running into complications such as vape leakage is one of the worst things that can ruin your overall experience. In most cases, leaking occurs when a piece in your device is cracked or damaged. This can happen when parts are overused or don't get the necessary maintenance regularly.

There can be several reasons why your vape device suddenly starts leaking. Luckily, there are just as many solutions you can try to remedy the situation, which is what this article is all about. 


What is Vape Leakage and Why Does it Occur?

At some point during your experience, you may notice your vape leaking fluid. In most cases, you just need to take a few minutes of your time to clean up the mess. The unlucky ones, however, go through this more times than they should be, and here’s why. 

Leakage can happen on all types of vape devices such as pens, pods, tanks, and more. This means that the problem can be linked to how well you manage and maintain its parts over its lifespan. The chamber, atomizer, mouthpiece, and power source can all be culprits to this common problem. Here's how you can check to see which one it is. 


Vape Chamber

Most users opt for vapes that come with an open system that lets you refill the chamber with e-liquid whenever you run out. Vape leakage can happen when you fail to properly close or screw the tank shut after each time you open the chamber. 

The amount of juice you put into your vape should also follow the recommended limit for the device’s capacity. Otherwise, you can risk the liquid inside overflowing and causing more damage to your vape. 


Atomizer / Heating Coil

Vapes come with various types of coils where the resistance levels indicate what type of e-liquid you can use. When these parts age, its performance can worsen and lead to problems such as leakage. In some cases, the age of the coil may not be the problem, but rather how well it is properly screwed in.



Despite being alternatives to one another, you should not use the same inhaling techniques for tobacco smoking with vape. If you don't inhale on your device correctly, it can lead to complications that can cause leakage. 

Vapes need more time to heat up the e-liquid inside and get drawn into the coil to turn into vapor. When you rush this process and use the wrong vaping technique, other pieces of your vape can also get damaged.


Power Source

Vapes often come with adjustable settings that let you customize your experience to your preferences. More often, it is recommended to stick with the power range that best suits your coil. If not, the necessary parts cannot draw enough power to vaporize the e-liquid and push it down to the bottom of the vape chamber. 

On rare occasions, some users may also experience leaking from the device's battery, which can be dangerous. In such cases, consider purchasing a new battery or device entirely.

How to Prevent Vape Leakage

There are several preventative measures you can take to ensure that your vapes don't leak. 


Check for cracks or signs of damage

Leaks can occur from the smallest or cracks which can grow over time. Look out for any signs of damage around the chamber and other parts of your vape and replace them when you can. 


Clean your vape regularly

Regular maintenance can help your vape last longer and work more efficiently. Cleaning parts such as the chimney, mouthpiece, and chamber can help you prevent buildup that can cause leakages. 


Make sure everything is tight

You should always check if all parts of your vape are screwed in correctly. After each refill and cleaning, make sure all components are tightened, but not too much. 


Leave it upright

Simply keeping your vape upright when you’re on the go can help you prevent any nasty leakage. Keep the vape in a safe corner when not in use, or in a secure area in your bag. 


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