27 March 2020

Dear Valued RELX Club Customer,

This Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our way of life because of how easily it transmits from person to person, and more significantly, how it is lethal to certain high-risk groups.

Because of this, we, at www.relxclub.com, are in full support of the government’s efforts to enforce community quarantine in the country. We want to do our part to help #flattenthecurve.

That said, while our product is technically not part of the essentials as defined by government, we know that RELX pods are essential to RELX users. It is precisely because of this, why we decided to keep on operating when the lockdown was announced a couple of weeks ago.

On top of that, we have never exploited this situation to price gouge RELX products.

With various LGUs having differing sets of rules and the lack of transportation, it has been extremely difficult for our people to come in and report for work to continue serving your needs.

On any given day, we only have the same 2 to 4 people who can come in for work at great personal risk to themselves and their families. For comparison, at full force, we have 18 people who get orders, encode, invoice, pick and pack, dispatch and deliver.

It is because of this situation we would like to respectfully and sincerely appeal for your kind understanding and utmost patience, specifically on the following points:

  • 1. We cannot accept pick up from any customers because we agreed with our third party delivery partners to assign specific riders to us. The reason for this is simple – should any of the people involved get the virus, it is the easiest way to do contact tracing.

  • 2. We will make mistakes at a far greater rate than what is acceptable from a quality assurance perspective. It is the same few people who do the all the work and thus, the propensity for errors increase exponentially.

  • 3. We have very limited stocks as our incoming shipment has experienced delays because of the necessary restrictions imposed by the governments. Back orders will be fulfilled as soon as the shipment arrives or alternatively, we will be happy to process refunds, subject to the processes of our payment gateway provider.

  • 4. Our area of coverage, unfortunately, is only Metro Manila. This is a strict limitation imposed by the Inter-Agency Task Force to our delivery partners. As the situation is dynamic, we anticipate that even some areas in Metro Manila may impose restrictions. In case of such, we will process your refund, subject to the processes of payment gateway provider.

  • 5. Delivery leadtimes will always be compromised. Each local government in Metro Manila has different on-the-ground situations and thus, has to necessarily apply different rules to manage their own specific situations. This has affected the ability of our own employees and our third party riders to comply with our service standards.

  • 6. We cannot accept orders through any other channels (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.). We strictly have to abide by the government directive to sell only to customers that are 21 years old or above. We cannot take the chance that underage users may use the said other channels that do not have age verification protocols. Further, multiple selling channels will add additional strain to our already strained skeletal workforce.

  • 7. Your feedback has been very valuable to us. Rest assured, we have taken note of these and most them will be incorporated when we do our improvements to our site. We just like to humbly request to refrain from overtly negative comments as we strongly feel that this is a disservice to our people and riders coming in despite the great personal risk to themselves and their family.

We thank you for your trust and patronage as well as your anticipated understanding and patience with the situation.

With respect and sincerity,
The RELX Club Management

Welcome back to RELX Club. We are pleased to inform you that we are once again accepting orders. However, due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine in place, please be advised that we can only process orders within Metro Manila. Your order will be delivered within 5 to 7 days, from our usual next-day delivery commitment. We will also be charging a minimal delivery fee of P100 for all orders until further notice.

Available stocks are limited to the following:

Starter Kits with free Mint Pod
Classic Tobacco Singles
Mint Singles
Tropical Fruit Singles

In order to serve more people, we shall limit purchases to P2,000 per customer per week. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

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