10 Hilarious Vaping Memes That Will Brighten Your Day

10 Hilarious Vaping Memes That Will Brighten Your Day

What started as an alternative to smoking has now grown into a culture of its own. As vaping continues to rise in popularity, vapers the world over have coalesced into communities to share their common love for puffing vapors. And one way they express their love is through the zeitgeist of the era: memes.

Vapers are a self-aware and self-deprecating bunch, and while they certainly know how to poke fun at themselves, they have a deep fondness for their culture. 

If you want to celebrate vape culture or just want to have a laugh, we've curated these 10 hysterical vaping memes for your reading pleasure.

10 Vaping Memes We Love

Here are some of the best memes that vapers will relate to:


When choosing a vape juice feels like a million-dollar question:


Source: @instavapegram
With the incredible variety of vape flavors available in the market, it may get difficult to choose the right one for you. What makes matters worse is when you try every e-juice in the shop and somehow like all of them!

This overachiever:

Not only will taking a big hit from your vape be a good way to unwind from a stressful day, but it can also be your path to glory during vaping competitions.

The tell-tale sign of a vaper


Source: 9gag.com

A large cloud of smoke usually means that there is a fire somewhere. However, if the smoke smells like strawberry, then it's probably a fellow vaper.


I mean, technically, it's a yes:


Source: Memedroid.com

There is an overlap in their markets as both serve the "stressed-out young adult" niche, and both products come in menthol flavors.


When you can't wait for the next vape mail:



    Whether it's parts for a new build or a new flavor, we just can't help but feel a little giddy while waiting for the next vape mail to arrive.


    When you're rationing your juice:


      Source: Reddit.com

      We've all been extremely protective of the last few drops left in your dropper when trying to hold out until you can restock your vape juice supply.


      This resourceful fellow:



      You can turn the situation around and tell her: "What do you think? It vanished in a cloud of smoke?" in a passive-aggressive kind of way.


      When you took a risk on a new flavor and absolutely loved it:



        Finding the right flavor for you and falling in love with it is one of the hidden pleasures of vaping, so go sample as many flavors as you can!


        Your first time trying out vape tricks:


          Source: memedroid.com

          You may have been vaping recreationally for a while and now want to learn cool vape tricks to show your friends. So you contort your mouth in weird positions trying to blow an O, but it resulted in a shapeless cloud of smoke and a lot of coughing fits. Keep trying, and remember that it's part of the fun!


          When you can't stop taking hits:



            Sometimes you'll love a flavor so much that you'll constantly take small puffs here and there to get your fix. 


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