What You Need to Know About Vaping Indoors

What You Need to Know About Vaping Indoors
From local regulations to practicing common courtesy, here are some pointers you should know about vaping indoors.


Compared to smoking conventional cigarettes, vapes are known to produce scented fumes that quickly dissipate, much to the delight of your non-smoking friends. Because it’s predominantly less off-putting than conventional smoking, it has become fairly acceptable to vape inside several establishments—but not without caveats.

While it’s been shown that the adverse effects of vaping and its secondhand smoke are not nearly as harmful as cigarettes, it can still potentially cause harm to a lesser degree.. Additionally, there are other things to consider when you decide to vape indoors. Being aware of laws and practicing common courtesy are just some of these pointers. Check out the guide below for a full rundown on vaping indoors.


What You Need to Know About Vaping Indoors


Know the Effects of Indoor Vaping

Vaping is a personal choice, but every user should be mindful of where they do the activity. Much like how people are concerned with the effects of secondhand smoke, exhaled vapor has also captured the attention of public and health officials. Although there is currently little research that would support the harmful effects of exhaled vapor, it is best to respect local laws and the preferences of the people you are with.


Concerning Laws and Private Property

    In some states, vaping indoors (and sometimes, even in certain spaces outdoors) is considered illegal. Others have lumped the use of vape pens and e-cigarettes with the existing laws banning traditional cigarettes. Know and understand that these policies are in place for the welfare of the majority. If you happen to live in or visit a state with strict rules like these, be mindful of which private properties you are allowed to vape in.

    To avoid penalties or fines, it is best to check with local regulations and authorities. Sometimes, even if a state allows vaping in public spaces like parks or streets, private establishments may have different thoughts on the matter. Check with the rules before you whip out your vape in the movie theater, restaurant, or hotel. To be safe, look for designated smoking areas instead.


    Being Mindful of Secondhand Vape Exposure

      Exposure to exhaled vapor is not as alarming as conventional secondhand smoke. According to research, users who vape retain 93.8% of the nicotine they inhale, and whatever is exhaled quickly drops to the ground. While there is little proof to suggest that secondhand vapor is harmful to the health, this does not eliminate the fact that said vapor can still be a source of indoor pollution. It can fog up the immediate area of where you are smoking, which could be a cause of concern or nuisance for the people around you.

      It is worthy to note that indoor pollution is different from indoor air quality. The latter talks about how safe it is to inhale the air in an area for a prolonged period. In that case, there is not much to worry about. Another study supports that secondhand vapor does not seem to greatly affect indoor air quality, which means it should be safe to be in a place where someone has recently vaped since the vapor dissipates quickly.

      That said, it is not safe for someone to be inhaling secondhand vapor constantly. Moderation and consideration are required in shared social spaces. If someone is uncomfortable with the amount of vapor you puff out, it’s best to delay your smoking session or look for a designated area.


      Considering Personal and Children’s Safety

        If you frequently go to places where kids are around, it’s probably best that you not vape around them. Kids are too young and impressionable, and unless you are up to explaining the consequences and reasons why you vape to them, it may be best to keep that image out of their curious minds.

        Another thing to note is children’s safety. This is especially true if you use your vape in a car or at home where kids frequently stay. Studies have shown that thirdhand exposure might potentially be harmful to kids and infants who are notorious for crawling and laying on the ground since they may come into contact with those chemicals that have fallen to the ground after puffing.

        Last but not least, being mindful of what pods you use in your vape will help maintain a pleasant experience. Opting only for trusted brands like RELX will ensure you are not using fake or unregulated pods that may be exponentially more harmful to your health. These pods can potentially have impure ingredients or make false claims, like having more nicotine than they are supposed to. These pods can also be more harmful when smoked indoors, as the concentration of the secondhand vapor will differ.


        Be a Responsible Vaper

        Vaping should be a fun and safe experience. Keeping these indoor vaping tips in mind will help you and others around you have a better experience. If in doubt, it is always better to ask—whether it’s the authorities or the people you are smoking next to.


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