Vaping in Style: How to Make a Statement with Your Vape

Vaping in Style: How to Make a Statement with Your Vape

Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, box mods, and pod systems, the vaping industry has experienced robust growth over the past decade. As of 2019, research has shown that its global market is projected to be worth $19.3 billion with the United States, United Kingdom, and France being its biggest contributors. Since these devices provide an easy and convenient alternative to cigarettes, this statistic shouldn’t come as a surprise.

But placing numbers aside, it’s important to know that vaping has become a culture in itself. Nowadays, vaping enthusiasts from all over the globe create groups, host conventions, and organize contests to network with like-minded individuals. Since it attracts and connects people from different backgrounds, this is the main reason why vaping has transcended into a way of life. 

Fortunately, many brands have recognized that vaping has evolved into a lifestyle. Given that people have different tastes and preferences, manufacturers make it a point to cater to the individuality of their customers. As of today, consumers can now purchase flavors, accessories, and designs that best match their personalities and preferences.

If you’re looking to vape in style, we’ve got you covered! The infographic below will discuss a few great ways you can make a statement with your vape.



Start with the Right Vape

The first step to vaping in style is to purchase the right device. Vapes can come in different shapes and sizes, but unfortunately, not all units are built the same. Custom mods may be great purchases but they can be expensive and difficult to use. On the other hand, disposable vapes and traditional pens may be set up easily, but they’re fragile and tend to die out fast. If you’re looking for a vape that will give you the best of both worlds then going for RELX is a no-brainer!

  • Since they’re built out of aluminum, RELX vapes have a sleek and lightweight build. Both the RELX Essential and Infinity models are highly portable and are perfect for people on the go. 
  • Unlike expensive mods that have complicated setup procedures, RELX vapes are user-friendly. Instead of pressing many buttons, all you need to do for a smooth pull is inhale!
  • Say goodbye to leaks! RELX Pro Pods include 11 structural layers to help prevent internal leaks and trap any condensation in the intelligent maze-like structure. From a financial standpoint, this will be highly beneficial since you won’t be wasting any of your precious juice.
  • RELX batteries are powerful and long-lasting. They can be powered up quickly and can run for 2-3 days after a full charge (this may depend on a person’s level of usage). Additionally, those who purchase the Infinity model are also given a charging case that will grant them 3 extra days of battery life.
  • Manage the frequency of your vaping! Excessive vaping can come with certain health risks so it’s best to practice restraint. The good news is, the RELX infinity has a SmartPace Alert system that will enable you to keep track of your consumption. 


Get a Flavor That Suits Your Taste

The increased demand for vapes has motivated brands to innovate and introduce new flavors. If you take a close look at different shops, you’ll notice a wide array of familiar and unconventional options. Since the juices you purchase will greatly factor in your vaping experience, it’s best to purchase products that will best match your tastes.

  • Tobacco – These juices are strong and closely resemble the taste of cigarettes. If you love earthy and strong flavors or if you’re transitioning from cigarettes, then you should consider tobacco-flavored e-liquids.
  • Mint and Menthol – Minty flavors are perfect for those who want to cool off. Their light taste is great for casual use and will help you unwind after a long day.
  • Sweet – If you love the taste of candy, fruits, and ice cream you should go for sweet-tasting e-liquids. If you have a knack for adventure, purchasing a bizarre flavor is something you’ll surely enjoy.


Use a Wrap or Skin That Showcases Your Personality

Your vape is an extension of yourself so don’t hesitate to get stylish. Getting it covered with some stickers is a great way to showcase your personality!

  • Choose a design that best matches your aesthetic. Detailed prints can help you stand out while minimalist patterns can help you appear classy. 
  • After you’ve chosen a design, the next thing would be to take note of your preferred wrap materials and lamination options. This can greatly impact your device’s texture so discuss accordingly with your provider. 

Match Your Vape with Your Outfit

Heading out? Match your vape with your outfit! Fashion isn’t just about the top and bottoms you wear, the accessories and items you bring also play a big role! 

  • If you love clothes in dark shades, bring a light-colored RELX. If you prefer lighter options, opt for a dark-colored device. Contrasting elements can help you stand out.
  • Those that have vapes in bold colors should go for complementary palettes. Staying in the same color scheme will help you build cohesion with your outfit. 
  • Covering your vape with a complicated pattern may give you a hard time matching clothes. A quick fix to this dilemma would be to wear pieces in the same color.


Learn a Few Vape Tricks (Why Not?)

If all else fails, you can always learn a few vape tricks! Here are three easy tricks that can make you look like a pro!

  • Ghost Hit – Without inhaling, take one big hit from your vape and let the vapor sit for a few seconds. Slowly push the smoke out and suck it back in quickly.
  • French Inhale – Take a hit from your vape and keep your mouth closed. Open your mouth slowly to release the smoke and inhale from your nostrils. 
  • Smoke Rings – Pull some smoke from your vape and keep it in your throat. Curve your lips around your teeth and push the vapor out by making a light cough.


Vape in Style With RELX

Vaping is a great way to express your individuality. Purchasing the right flavors, design, and accessories may sound simple, but they can give you that confidence booster you need to be at your best self. As you canvas for products, make sure that you’re only going to transact with the best brands in the market.


For all your quality vaping needs, head on over to the RELX club store today!