A Guide to Proper Vaping Etiquette: 14 Do’s and Don’ts

A Guide to Proper Vaping Etiquette: 14 Do’s and Don’ts
Be a responsible vaper by consistently following these vaping etiquette do's and don'ts.

Let’s face it; it’s hard out here for a vaper. Wherever you go, you often get side-eyes from all over. You get judged by those who smoke cigarettes and those who have never smoked at all. And wherever those judgments hail from, you can’t deny they sting.

They sting so much sometimes you’re tempted to stealth vape whenever you’re in public. You bow your head for a drag or duck away for a quick hit.

But those don’t solve the problem. People around you know what you’re doing anyway, no matter how discreetly you try to pull it off. No, vaping like you’re about to commit a misdemeanor does not make you look better. Doing so makes the image of the vaping community even less flattering.

If you decide to be a vaping aficionado, you might as well own it. To excuse yourself from people’s critical eyes, the best recourse is to vape responsibly, which boils down to consistent adherence to vaping etiquette. Here are do’s and don’ts to guide you.

Vaping Do’s 

1. Do research the vaping regulations in your area

Familiarize yourself with smoking rules and policies. Some areas might include vaping as part of smoke-free laws and restrictions. It’s in your interest to abide by these regulations, as failure to do so can get you in trouble with the law. That is on top of unfriendly stares you might get from people who don’t tolerate rule breakers.

2. Do vape only in designated areas

Some public spaces allow indoor vaping but not smoking. You’re lucky if you find such a hangout spot. If you’re not sure, ask for the establishment’s vaping policy. 

When you find yourself in places that strictly impose designated areas for vapers and smokers, literally go out of your way to follow the rule. A good rule of thumb is that you can vape wherever you can smoke, so scout out the location for the nearest smoking area before you puff on your vape.

3. Do ask for permission before vaping in someone else’s space

It’s common courtesy and something you will appreciate once it’s your turn to welcome guests into your home. Even when you’re visiting a fellow vaper’s house, it still matters to ask for permission before whipping out your vaping device for a long drag. This makes you a good visitor deserving of repeat invites.

4. Do bring your vape and juice

So you want to join the vaping community and partake in the vaping culture. It only follows that you invest in your own vaping device and stash of juice. You do not want to be tagged as a freeloader. It may also invite side-eyes as you perform the unhygienic practice of puffing on another person’s vape. Such a label won’t look good on you or the vaping community.

5. Do inform and educate when asked

As a vaping aficionado, it’s your unofficial duty to be a vaping advocate. An advocate is always willing and able to enlighten non-vapers about vaping culture.

So, do your research. When people ask you why you vape, discuss the subject with confidence and credibility. However, try not to be too pushy with the subject and do not evangelize when not asked to. 

6. Do be extra considerate around kids and pets

Some kids and pets might be more sensitive to vape smoke. Besides, smokers avoid smoking when pets and children are around for health reasons and social stigma, so you should avoid vaping around them, as well. When you’re in the presence of a dog or a toddler, walk away for a drag. Don’t risk it.

7. Do buy only from legitimate sources

The increasing popularity of vaping has triggered the rise of suppliers hawking fake vape devices and illicit vape pods. Make sure to separate the wheat from the chaff and purchase solely from legit sources. It’s your safety and the safety of those around you on the line. Plus it’s a good way to strengthen the vaping culture by supporting legitimate vape manufacturers who create quality vape products.

Vaping Don’ts

1. Don’t blow smoke in someone’s face

There’s never a good reason to blow a big plume of vapor into someone else’s face. Always be considerate when blowing out vapor; you should even take the wind direction into account. When all else fails, release the vapor at your feet. 

2. Don’t blow big puffs of smoke

This is most common to newbie vapers. Unless you’re in some kind of competition where the person who blows the biggest, most long-lasting cloud of smoke wins, don’t do it. If you’re in the presence of non-vapers, this might get annoying once the novelty wears off. So don’t push it.

3. Don’t be a vape device snob

Sure, you bought the best and most expensive quality vapes available in the market. That’s how deep into vaping-as-a-hobby you are. And that’s alright so long as you don’t brag about your top-notch vaping paraphernalia every chance you get. If you want the vape culture to survive and thrive, you should practice inclusion, not exclusion.

4. Don’t purchase vape devices for the underaged

The steady rise of vaping’s popularity means that even the underage are now interested in the culture. Don’t get tempted to be their hero by purchasing vape devices on their behalf. Their parents won’t appreciate that and, worse, report you to the authorities—and there’s nothing cool about that.

5. Don’t borrow someone else’s device

We all live under the specter of a global disease that is COVID-19, making it crucial to prioritize health and safety. And yours is compromised whenever you borrow someone else’s device. Moreover, onlookers cringe at the sight of vapers sharing devices. That’s not good for the vaping community's image, either.

6. Don’t shame newbies

You weren’t born a seasoned vaper; you started as a newbie yourself. So, when you meet a person at the start of their vaping journey, be welcoming. Do not gatekeep. Again, vaping culture shuns exclusivity. The more there is of us, the better.

7. Don’t vape around people in masks

Be sensitive. When you’re in the presence of people wearing masks, don’t vape. These people likely feel vulnerable health-wise, hence those masks. Walk away if you’re in dire need of a puff.

Vape Away

Whenever you vape in public, you represent the entire vaping community. The people witnessing your vaping habit will not judge you solely but the rest of your fellow vapers and the culture you all share. So, be a good example as much as you can. Try your darndest to make your community look good in everyone’s eyes. While that sounds like a tall order, it’s perfectly doable.

The first order of business is taking vaping etiquette to heart. No matter how cool vaping makes you feel, keep in mind that when you vape in public, it’s not just about you. Everyone in your presence must feel comfortable with what you’re doing.

So know the rules of the place you’re in. On top of that, read the room. If you can tell with certainty that you are welcome, vape away—and vape with pride. Or better yet, find or create spaces where your community can exist and thrive.

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