#VapeLife: The Inevitable Rise of Vaping in the Philippines

#VapeLife: The Inevitable Rise of Vaping in the Philippines
The use of e-cigarettes has increased in the past years in the Philippines, and it will only move forward from here.


If you walk down any street in the Philippines (when it's safe), you'll notice that many people are exhaling a cloudy vapor from what looks like a pen or USB thumb drive. These devices that many young adults carry with them today are called electronic cigarettes or similar vaporizers, which are considered a safer and better alternative for "smoking" than cigarettes. 

Now that more and more vape stores are opening up everywhere, you can expect to see vape culture spread throughout the country. Still not sure how big this has become in PH? This article will talk you through how and why the Philippines is primed for #VapeLife. 


The Philippines' Growing Vape Industry

Below are some of the interesting figures that entail the rise of vaping in the country. 

  • In 2016, about 70% of Filipinos favored vaping. 

  • In the Philippines, around 3 out of 10 adults have heard of e-cigarettes, and it's more popular among younger adults aged 15-24 years (36.3%). 

  • The prevalence of “ever-used” and “current use” of electronic cigarettes among all adults was 2.8% and 0.8% respectively. Furthermore, men were 3-5 times more likely to have used or currently use an e-cigarette than women. 

  • In 2016, 4% of Filipinos use e-cigarettes regularly or occasionally as an alternative to tobacco use. 

  • A survey shows that 56% of Filipinos who started using e-cigarettes did so as "an alternative to regular cigarettes." 

  • Regular or occasional Filipino vapers predominantly purchase their e-cigarettes at specialty e-cigarette stores (61%), kiosks (25%), internet or online stores (7%), and convenience stores (6%). 

  • The Department of Health (DOH) warns the public of the harmful compounds in e-cigarette juices, but the vast majority of users believe it remains as a safer smoking alternative. 

  • The Philippines' smoking ban includes vaping. Vaping is only allowed in designated smoking areas. 

  • All e-liquid solutions and vaping devices must be registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which means stores or firms must secure a license from the FDA before operation. 


Why Filipinos are Turning to Vaping


A safer alternative to smoking cigarettes

While not all smokers switch to vaping, it's common to find vapers who used to smoke cigarettes. The 'hand to mouth' action is a habit that's deeply ingrained in smokers. Ask anyone who smokes or used to smoke cigarettes and chances are, doing something with their hands apart from smoking is one of the biggest challenges of quitting.

This is why vaping, as an alternative, makes sense in replacing that routine. It gives a similar experience and satisfies their urge when they're itching to light up a stick. There will still be a withdrawal phase, but it's a good enough alternative for a lot of smokers compared to nicotine patches and chewing gum.

The joy of satisfying the palate

A big advantage of vaping is that you, the people you're with, and the environment you smoke won't smell like an ashtray. The e-liquid used in the device is often made of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin, and flavorings. Yes, with different flavors like cotton candy, watermelon, milk tea, tobacco, and more. When it comes to vaping, the user doesn't leave a noxious odor and the aroma and the taste are good. 

Vapers can play around with an assortment of flavors and strengths, which gives them a much more customized experience. Moreover, exploring different flavors is part of the individuality for many vapers. 


More convenient than cigarettes

It's quick and easy to silence cravings when using a vape. All you need to carry is the device itself, and you can instantly take a hit with a push of a button. Also, the act of vaping is less frowned upon than smoking cigarettes. When you're drinking around friends who aren't smokers, you can ask if it's okay to take a quick puff, and chances are, they'll be fine with it since the odor isn't as overwhelming as traditional cigarettes. 

While the e-cigarette requires to be charged and filled with e-juice to work, vapes can last you a day on average. If charged overnight, it will be ready for use throughout the day when you need it. 


Millennial technology culture

E-cigarette hardware has evolved over the years, and its technology has advanced to provide vapers a better experience. Vaping devices operate using chargeable batteries, which appeals to the generation raised in a digital era.

Additionally, vaping can be a fun new hobby that can gratify the urge to smoke and tinker with their own equipment. This is one of the reasons that attract millennials to vaping. Much like car enthusiasts and tech gurus, a lot of vapers build and customize their e-cigarettes to their desire. 


Price points for every budget

One can argue that the upfront cost of vaping is expensive, and it can be very costly if you let it. But if you're not too ambitious with your kit, it can give you an enjoyable experience without going over your budget. 

These days, a pack of cigarettes can cost P155. And prices are always increasing, which can be costly for people who consume more than a pack a day. On the other hand, you can find RELX vape juice for around P250 per pod. When you consider how each pod is equivalent to about three packs of cigarettes, the savings become obvious.


Ready to quit cigarettes and join the #VapeLife?

There you have it. Vaping is not about following a trend—you don't have to get into it because your friends are doing it. But if you're thinking of ways to combat your cigarette addiction, vaping could be your best option. You may end up enjoying it so that you wouldn't look back to smoking.

The choice is yours to make.


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