10 Vape Tricks for Beginners You Can Learn Today

10 Vape Tricks for Beginners You Can Learn Today
Have you ever wanted to learn tricks you can do with your vape? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 beginner vape tricks you can learn today.

It’s no secret that vaping is becoming more and more popular. Many people are into the #VapeLife for various reasons. Some use it as a safer alternative to smoking, while others use it to try the various flavors of vape juice available. Others have started vaping because of the cool and fun tricks you see that people do with the vapor.

If you’re just starting your vape journey and want to try cool tricks, we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 vape tricks that even beginners like you can try. 

1. Blowing O’s


Blowing O’s is one of the basics you need to learn as the basis for many other tricks, so it’s best to have this down pat. The point of this trick is to make an O-shaped pattern when you release the vapor from your mouth. 

To do this, you’ll need to:
  • Take a deep drag from your device and keep it in your mouth, throat, or lungs – whichever works best for you. 
  • Shape your mouth into an O. Make sure that your tongue lays flat at the bottom and near the back of your throat, making it easier to form the shape. Don’t forget to tuck in your lips! The tighter your lips, the smaller the O’s.
  • Blow the vapor into an O-shaped one. The trick here is to create pressure in your throat, like coughing subtly. Add a backspin for tighter rings by pushing your tongue out. 


 2. Double and Triple Rings


What you’re aiming for in the Double or Triple Rings trick is to blow two or three O’s simultaneously. It’s like Blowing O’s but with one extra step. 

So, here’s how to pull this off: Inhale some vapor from your device, shape your mouth, and do the following steps: 

  • For Double Rings, split your mouth’s opening into two sections pressing down on the top lip using your pointer finger. Triple rings are similar, but instead of one finger, use your two fingers to create three sections on top of your mouth’s opening.
  • Exhale the vapor in short, cough-like bursts like your blowing O’s. 


 3. Vape Bending


Vape bending means manipulating the path of your vapor trails using your hands. You’ll need to have an open room with minimal to no wind, so it’s easier to move your O-vapor for this trick.  

  • Blow a thick O-ring so that it would not dissipate easily.
  • Once you’ve released the O-ring, use your hand to push it around the room. For more control, keep your fingers together and palms straight and open.
  • Push the O with your hand right behind it, maintaining a constant speed and distance in between the rings.


4. Bull Ring


    If one can do an O-ring consistently, they’ll have no problem doing the Bull Ring trick with ease. Here’s how you do this trick:

    • Like the previous tricks, blow an O but make it a thick medium-sized one.
    • Lean in before the O travels far and use your nose to inhale the O’s top part before blowing it out.


    5. The Dragon 


      This may be one of the easiest tricks you can do. For this trick, vapor comes out of your nose and from the two sides of your mouth at the same time, looking like a dragon’s breath. Here’s how to do it:

      • Take a long drag from your device; try not to inhale first so that you’ll have more vapor to play with once you exhale.
      • Expel the vapor from your nose and mouth simultaneously. Make sure you’ve closed the middle of your mouth to form two gaps on your lips for the vapor to escape.
      • Enjoy the billowing vapor forming around you.


      6. The Ghost Inhale


        This vape trick is also known as the mushroom cloud or snap inhaling trick, and it’s easy even for beginners to master. The ball of vapor you’ll release looks like a ghost that’s being quickly inhaled in.

        • Take a long drag and let it sit in your mouth for a few moments.
        • Instead of exhaling it out, gently push the vapor out of your lips using your tongue into a ball shape. 
        • Inhale it quickly back in with your lips. 


        7. The Jellyfish


          Think of a jellyfish swimming through the ocean—that’s the shape you’ll be making. This trick is one of the hardest to master since you’ll be doing a combination of techniques, namely blowing O’s, vape bending, and the ghost.

          • Blow an O that’s thick and dense.
          • Slightly push the O with your palm like you’re doing a vape bend while inhaling a second hit for the ghost.
          • Make sure you’re near the O and do the ghost but only push out the vapor with your tongue. Don’t follow up with inhaling back the smoke. 


          8. The Waterfall 


            You’ll need to fill the bottom of a bottle and freeze it to do this trick. It’s an easy and fun trick to do that turns your vapor water-like, giving it a waterfall effect when poured from the bottle.

            • From your device, take a long pull of vapor.
            • Expel the vapor into the bottle.
            • Slowly pour the vapor from the bottle onto a flat surface such as a table and watch as the waterfall takes shape.


            9. The Tornado


              If you’ve ever tried making a tornado with water when you were a kid, then this can be something you’ll like. It may seem difficult, but it’s like the waterfall with an added step.

              • Take a long pull of vapor from your device and let it sit in your mouth for a few moments.
              • Slowly release the vapor on a flat surface and make it as thick and dense as possible.
              • Use your hand to chop through the surface. 
              • Flick your wrist, making an invisible checkmark while raising your arm. 


              10. French Inhale

                Also known as the Irish waterfall, this trick gives the illusion of a reverse waterfall where vapor comes out from your mouth and is inhaled through the nose.

                • Take a drag and keep it in your mouth without inhaling it. 
                • Instead of exhaling, slightly push your jaw out and open your mouth slowly. 
                • Inhale the vapor as it slowly comes out through your nose.

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