11 Different Types of Vapers (Which One Are You?)

11 Different Types of Vapers (Which One Are You?)
Ever wondered what type of vaper are you? Check out our list of distinct vape characters. You might even end up on our list!
Vaping, an activity once touted just as a way for smokers to quit smoking, has now become the object of veneration of an entire subculture. And to people on the outside looking in, vapers are nothing more than kids who puff strawberry-flavored smoke. They couldn’t be more wrong; vapers are hardly monolithic.

The quirky and wonderful personalities that make up this subculture are different in their own ways. However, most can be classified into different categories, and we’ve laid out these vaper archetypes in this article. 

Think you know yourself well? Check to see if you recognize yourself on this list! And remember, this is just for fun!

11 different types of vapers infographic

Which Type of Vaper Are You?

1. The Novice 

Novices have recently entered the world of vaping and are eager to begin their journey. While everything seems new and exciting for them, it can also be perplexing at times and it's easy for them to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices in devices, mods, vape kits, tanks, and flavors.

They frequently get their vaping terminology mixed up, which is understandable given the secret language of vaping. They are often guided by more experienced mentors to get them up to speed on the latest tech, tricks, and terminologies.

2. The Cloud Chasers      

Cloud chasers are an enthusiastic group who have mastered the craft of blowing and exhaling the biggest clouds, either for show or for self-gratification. They are known to enter "cloud chasing" competitions and are popular in nightclubs and parties for their fancy tricks. Competitive in nature, they spend hours studying vape videos on YouTube and practicing their tricks.

The cloud chasers are usually decked out in the latest vape gear, most of which are sponsored by brands they represent in competitions. Vape flavor is usually a second priority to them, as they simply choose e-liquids with a higher PG ratio to produce more clouds and invest in accessories or mods that turn their vape into veritable steam engines.

3. The Tinkerer 

The tinkerers have a strong desire to mod their devices and will not be satisfied with a basic device. They like to have everything, including kits, mods, and a juice library. They spend a great deal of time tinkering with their device’s electricals to make them better at certain things. Whether it’s a larger battery, a hotter coil, or room for more juice, tinkerers can confidently mod their device to suit their needs  

They most likely own both above-ohm and sub-ohm devices (created by themselves, for sure) and are usually seen with coil-shaped burn marks that they got from a modding accident. Their devices are usually bespoke, as they have turned their love of vaping into a hobby by personalizing their device and sometimes even transforming it into an impressive work of art. 

4. The Perennial “Quality Assurance” Tester 

This stereotype is also known as an OPV (other people’s vapes) and for good reason. Here is a deeper dive into this specific subgroup: based on a stereotype of people so casual in vaping, they often conveniently forget their vaping devices in preference of your own.

Casual vapers usually prefer to smoke other people’s vapes either because they are too lazy to take out their own or they may not have one. They are also known to try other people’s vape juice but consume far too much of it.

The best thing you can do for this type of vaper is to get them an e-cig starter kit as a gift, and maybe they'll keep their hands to themselves the next time around.   

5. The Quitters      

The quitters are ex-smokers who have turned to vaping to quit smoking. A methodical and calculated vaper, all they care about is lowering their nicotine intake, with a strategy that typically consists of gradually reducing the nicotine content of their e-liquid to zero to eliminate their nicotine addiction.

As time passes, they either quit smoking or vaping completely or become one of the other vape stereotypes. Way to go, you!     

6. The Alchemists

Also known as mixologists, the alchemists have most likely tried every e-liquid flavor under the sun as they have grown tired of pre-made solutions. They are known to make their own e-liquid or create their own delectable concoctions from pre-made flavors. They most likely own different types of devices, swearing that each affects the flavor of certain juices.

The Alchemists will give you recommendations on which vape juice pairs well with certain meals and share the amazing flavor combinations they have discovered with anyone who would listen. This is why the Alchemist archetype is adored by the vape community.     

7. The Flavor Chaser

Flavor chasers are not interested in modding nor cloud chasing; for them, it’s all about the experience of savoring the taste of their vape juice. 

These people are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting e-liquids to determine which ones taste the best. Moreover, they have a strong desire to describe vape juice flavors to eager listeners. They usually have a cabinet full of various e-liquids, which may include those obtained from the Alchemists.

If the variety of flavors and aromas available was what attracted you to vaping in the first place or you've discovered your love for treating your taste buds over time, you may be a flavor chaser.

But if you’re not, flavor chasers are the people to ask if you’re thinking about trying a new flavor but are hesitant at the same time. They've attempted everything and they might even let you try their e-liquids if you ask nicely.     

8. The Mentor 

The mentor is the Jedi Master to the novice’s padawan. In other words, the novice usually seeks the advice or guidance of a mentor as they are experienced vapers who have a lot of information and wisdom about e-cigarettes.

They conduct extensive research before making a new purchase, are intrigued by new vaping technology, and are always up to date on the latest trends. The mentors are a godsend for the novices who are just starting in their vape journey.     

9. The Accessorizer      

The accesorizers have realized that their vape device is a fashion statement just like any other jewelry. Thus, they often ignore box mods altogether and opt for the sleek lines of a vape pod. Moreover, they probably own multiple devices in different colors to match what they wear.

If the best part of your day is deciding what to wear or if you spend hours scrolling through the #OOTD tag on Instagram, you may fall into this category.      

10. The Evangelists     

The evangelists are proponents and propagators of vaping. Their sole mission is to inform people— smokers or not—about how vaping is a much better option and try to persuade them to try it.

Deeply committed to vaping, evangelists are frequently seen putting up petitions, tweeting bombs, and attending protests to stand up for the vaping community when negative or scaremongering press is published.

The vaping community applauds these vapers for being the informative voice that has ultimately transformed the e-cigarette industry.

11. The Stealth Vapers

The stealth vapers are the opposites of the cloud chasers. They are experts at vaping in public places without drawing attention to themselves.

Stealth vapers believe themselves to be immune to No-Smoking signs and simply cannot stop vaping wherever they are, developing it into a stealthy habit that could take Bond's place in an instant. They usually buy the smallest vape pens on the market to fit their stealthy habit.

So, which one are you?

While there are many more vaping stereotypes out there, we have compiled and classified the most notable of them all. We want to reiterate that while this list may be fun, stereotypes are frequently exaggerations based on truth, and this post should be taken in jest. 

And if you are still wondering which character you may be, unable to categorize yourself from our list, that’s fine, too. By all means, you can be any type of vaper you want to be—whether it’s the lethargic caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland who puffs ringlets into the air or the puffing dragon from Shrek.

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