Enlightening Statistics About Vaping in 2021

Enlightening Statistics About Vaping in 2021

The vaping industry has grown tremendously in recent years. From 7 million e-cigarette users in 2011, it is projected that the user base has grown to 55 million worldwide in 2021.

As the industry continues to develop, more and more brands have been popping out with different product offerings that cater to new and experienced users alike.

You may even be one of those enticed to switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes or want to try vaping on its own. If so, it may interest you to read the following enlightening vaping statistics to inform you better before you jump in.


Vaping Industry Statistics

As the popularity of vaping continues to rise, it would be helpful to know some context about the industry, the demographics of users, and how frequently they vape.



  • According to the World Health Organization, there are 41 million vape users worldwide in 2018, with Euromonitor estimating it to grow to 55 million by 2021.

  • In the same report, Euromonitor stated that the three biggest markets for vapes are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and France respectively.

  • According to the Lancet, vape product sales have reached $15.7 billion in 2018 and is estimated to grow to $40 billion by 2023.

  • A report shows that rechargeable vape devices accounted for 40% of the market share in 2020.



  • A 2018 Gallup report says that people aged 18 - 29 years old vape the most, with 20% vaping regularly or occasionally.

  • A study from the House of Commons Research Library shows that 33% of adults vape to stop smoking traditional cigarettes.

  • However, in a CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) study, 44.3% of young adults aged 18 - 24 years old current e-cigarette users were never smokers before trying vaping.


Usage habits

  • A 2016 study among adults shows that 54.6% of current vapers use other tobacco products.

  • In a 2019 study, 60.9% of teens vape to “experiment,” 41.7% do so because “it tastes good,” while 37.4% use it to “relax and relieve tension.”



  • Countries have regulated vapes differently:
    • 30 countries have banned e-cigarettes in all their forms.
    • 4 countries have banned only e-cigarettes that contain nicotine.
    • 49 countries allow sales of e-cigarettes under heavy regulation
    • 6 countries do not have regulations on e-cigarettes apart from age-restrictions

  • In 2016, the USFDA finalized a rule that extends its regulatory authority to all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and other types of vapes.

  • In 2014, the Philippine Department of Health ordered that e-cigarettes must pass the FDA’s safety, efficacy, and quality evaluation before market authorization.

  • The Philippines’ smoking ban includes vaping, thus limiting vape use to designated smoking areas.

  • The European Union has restricted the strength of nicotine fluids to 2% and limiting the tank size to 2ml maximum.


Vaping Safety Statistics

While the jury is still out on vaping’s long-term effects, here is what we currently know about its health effects.

  • In an independent study, it was found that e-cigarettes produce 95% fewer toxins than traditional cigarettes.

  • A study shows that most of the toxins that cause damage to one’s health are not present in e-cigarette aerosol and that those that are present are at much lower levels than in traditional cigarettes.

  • Another study shows that e-cigarettes produce fewer free radicals than conventional cigarettes, which can contribute to cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.

  • This study shows that tobacco smokers who switched to e-cigarettes have significantly lower levels of toxins in the body than those who did not.

  • However, e-cigarettes still contain nicotine, and thus users are still at risk of contracting heart disease than those who stay completely smoke-free.

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, certain vape products have caused 2,807 hospitalizations, with 68 deaths in the U.S. as of February 2020.


Be informed about vaping in 2021

With vaping still in its nascent stage, studies are still being conducted about vaping and its effects on users. Its long-term consequences may not be truly known for another 20-30 years. Hence, it is best to stay informed and keep up to date with the latest developments in the vaping industry to make better choices as a consumer.

While the regulations are still evolving, be sure to stick to authorized, certified brands that meet standards to be on the safe side.

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