6 RELX Vaping Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed (Until Now)

6 RELX Vaping Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed (Until Now)
With a reasonable budget, you can have a vape starter kit with these RELX accessories to boot.

Choosing the right vape brand has less to do with the price than with quality of experience. A quick search on Google reveals that the most expensive vapes in the market range from tens to thousands of dollars (there’s even a vape that costs a whopping $887,000), but unless they fit your needs or lifestyle, you may only find yourself switching from one brand to another. And that can be frustrating.

Therefore, it makes more sense to equate the right vape brand with the right type of accessories. Vaping accessories immensely improve the utility of the vape, drive convenience, and create an overall more positive experience for vapers.


RELX Vaping Accessories Available Now

With a reasonable budget, you can get yourself a vape starter kit with these RELX accessories to boot.


1. RELX Silicon Vape Cover


Ever felt annoyed about accidentally flipping your tobacco cigarette, sending it into a puddle? In that instant, perhaps it wasn’t the cost of a single stick that got to you but the inconvenience of having an enjoyable moment suddenly ruined. What RELX silicon vape covers do is that even if your vape does a flip, it will be safe against water, scratches, or impact damage.

Protective and decorative, silicon covers are strong and durable—even when subjected to extreme heat or weather. You can use its palette of colors to reflect your current mood or match it to fit any occasion or gathering.


2. RELX Infinity Charging Case


To match the mobility offered by traditional cigarettes, vaping accessories include a wide variety of charging cases. The 1500mAh battery offers up two to three days’ worth of battery juice, which is perfect for out-of-town leisure travels or international business trips. Just remember to store your vaping pod in a sealed container in compliance with airline policies.

Another feature to love about this accessory is its wireless charging capability, allowing you to charge instantly without the need for a cable, adapter, or socket. As a bonus, even the bigger-sized charger is only 14.5mm thin and can easily fit right inside your pocket.


3. RELX Travel Case


The travel case doesn’t just protect your RELX accessories. It also functions as an organizer for your vapes and pods. Imagine the convenience of getting your vaping device straight from the case without rummaging through your bag, or trying to remember where you’ve left it.

You can think of a RELX vape travel case as a getting-your-act-together kind of thing, especially if you’re a high-functioning individual who has a lot on your plate already. The more organized the vaping accessories, the better the vaping experience is. 


4. RELX Wraps


Whether it’s a clean white case, an elegant black case, or a luxurious leather case, vaping wraps have different skin designs to personalize your device and keep it classy and snazzy.

The world is evolving where fashion is strictly becoming a question of whether what you wear can be also a protective gear. You wear hoodies for jogging so when it drizzles, you won’t catch a cold. You wear trench coats for snowstorms. You wear sunscreen on the beach, so you can have a nice sun-kissed complexion afterwards. In the same manner, RELX wraps aren’t just beautiful, but they also have a purpose.

Choose between matte or glittery skins or plain or printed stickers—all of them add a personal touch to your vape pod without leaving any sticky residue when it’s time for you to change them the next time around.


5. Protective Dust Cap


The dust cap can keep your mouthpiece clear of dust, but at the same time, this vaping accessory has the potential to ward off dangerous germs from instantaneously entering your air passageways. And these days, when it comes to your health, every little bit helps heaps.


6. RELX Ease-of-use Paraphernalia


USB charger cables, lanyards, and the like—they’re the little vaping accessories that make the experience a thousand times more pleasant. They’re the painstaking details that you didn’t think you needed until you encounter a situation, and then you begin to understand their use.

Remember the story about your cigarette stick accidentally stumbling into the puddle? If you had a lanyard, you wouldn’t have to worry about your vape being on the pavement. Less worry equals more enjoyment.


Accessorize Your Vape

Vaping accessories let you enjoy the flavorful moments spent alone or with friends. With these vaping accessories, you will find that the old experience with cigarettes was not replaced—only improved.

Whether it’s for functionality, convenience, or aesthetics, RELX has got you covered with the best deals on vapes and pods.

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