RELX Vape Pod Flavor Guide

RELX Vape Pod Flavor Guide
Shopping for a vape flavor pod? Here’s RELX vape pod juice guide for your next pod purchase.


When it comes to vaping, just like in almost every other industry, scammers and other illegal activities are inevitable. There are fake e-cigarettes, tanks, mods, and other vapor products made to resemble authentic name brands out there right now. As more and more people switch to vaping, the counterfeit vaping industry also grows, bringing with it increased risks to vapers across the globe.

These imitation products are sold in online and retail shops, online marketplaces, and auction sites. As such, existing and new vapers alike need to keep an eye out for these counterfeit products to avoid getting ripped off, or worse. 

That said, even when it comes to authentic brands, every vaper needs to pick and choose which vape flavors match their tastes and palette. There is an incredible amount of variety when it comes to e-juice that it can be a pretty overwhelming decision, especially if you don’t plan on trying them all out.

That’s why we developed this RELX Vape Pod Flavor Guide to provide you with everything you need to know before making a decision. We’ll let you know how our flavor range looks, tastes, and feels, along with a few other important considerations. 

Read on to learn more! 

Flavor Guide for RELX Pods


Garden's Heart - Strawberry

Nicotine content: 3%

For those loyal to strawberry flavors, you'll find our Garden's Heart's concoction to your liking. The taste leans towards a chilled strawberry drink with a milky note with a rich body, but with a less mentholated profile. This is the type of flavor that you can vape for a significant amount of time without getting tired of it, especially since strawberry is also one of the most popular fruity flavors that new and old vapers reach for. 


Tangy Purple - Grape

Nicotine content: 3%

This grape pod flavor packs a punch when it comes to richness. It's on the stronger, sweeter grape side, which can be overwhelming if you use it continuously for a few hours. But if you're looking for an excellent in-between flavor that gives an exceptionally intense sweet flavor, this may be a great choice to break from your usual fruit pod palate. 

The Tangy Purple's funky grape taste leaves a cooling menthol sensation with every puff. Some may not find this an all-day vape, but it's a very suitable after-meal treat or dessert. 


Fresh Red - Watermelon

Nicotine content: 3%

The Fresh Red 3% Watermelon brings out a juicy and sweet flavor that can cool you down after a long day at work or when the sun's out. It doesn't taste like candy, but it's also not exactly the taste of a natural watermelon; it sits somewhere in between. It's subtle but still very pleasant on the inhale. If you're looking for something on the refreshing, fruity side, but not too sweet, this flavor should suit your taste perfectly. 


Dark Sparkle - Cola

Nicotine content: 3%

Are you a big cola fan (drink and candy)? If you're in the lookout for the best cola vape flavor out there, Dark Sparkle is something you should definitely give a shot. Dark Sparkle's flavor profile sits more on the cooling and intense side, but with just the right amount to make it taste fizzy yet not too overwhelming. For those who often crave for such taste or need some perking up after a day out, this is a good flavor choice. 


Ludou Ice - Mung Bean

Nicotine content: 3%

Do you know what mung beans are? If you do and you like it, this is definitely something that you might enjoy. But for those who aren't familiar with mung beans, this might be a different kind of experience that you're looking for. Mung beans, also known as munggo in the Philippines, are used as an ingredient in savory and sweet dishes. 

They bring an earthy and minty flavor that's incomparable to anything you've probably vaped before. Ludou Ice is an acquired taste type of flavor due to its uniqueness, which some may enjoy while those unfamiliar may pass on. But if you're up for an unconventional vaping experience, it's worth trying out. 


Golden Slice - Mango

Nicotine content: 3%

The Golden Slice Mango flavor sits on the sweeter and minty end of things. It's a lovely flavor that brings a refreshing mango tang with every puff. Given that, vapers who are into the fruit's bright taste and find its flavor delightful won't be disappointed in this one. 


Sunny Sparkle - Orange Soda

Nicotine content: 3%

The first few hits of the Sunny Sparkle will remind you of your favorite can or glass of orange soda. Every breath gives that fizzy flavor with just the right hint of mint on the exhale. It's hard to get bored with this flavor as it isn’t too overwhelming. If you're looking for something that isn't a fruity flavor but still sweet in a sense, the Sunny Sparkle can satisfy your palate. 


Menthol Plus

Nicotine content: 5%

If you're looking for a hard-hitting flavor that somewhat reminds you of smoking menthol cigarettes, the supercooling Menthol Plus should serve you well. It has that intense peppermint piquancy that instantly wakes you up. This is perfect for those who want to make the switch from smoking and are used to menthol cigs. 


Rich Tobacco

Nicotine content: 5%

The Rich Tobacco flavor boasts a strong profile that doesn't have a cooling effect but rather tastes the closest to the real thing. This may be a great jump-off point for those new to vaping and still finding it difficult to quit cigarettes for good. If you want the natural taste and sensation of smoking tobacco without any additional flavors added, then this is your best bet.


Choose the Right Flavor for You

The right e-liquid is just as (if not more) important than having a great RELX device. You should always select quality vape flavor pods that bring the delectable flavor you expect for an elevated vaping experience.

If you find similar or alternate flavors to the ones enumerated above, make sure to double-check if it's a genuine RELX product. For your peace of mind, shop for authentic RELX products on our official RELX store.

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