The Complete RELX Vape Care and Maintenance Manual

The Complete RELX Vape Care and Maintenance Manual
With proper care and maintenance, your RELX vape can last for a year or more. Read this article to find out how to clean your vape and disassemble your RELX properly.

RELX vape devices do not have to be purchased regularly. With proper care and strict maintenance, your devices could perform optimally and avoid damage over time. Ultimately, a clean and well-functioning vape is essential if you want to vape in style, save money, maximize the flavor of your e-liquid, and ensure safety.

But what are specific steps can you take to ensure your vape device remains in tip-top shape? How can you clean its parts to continue making your vape flavorful? 

Read this compilation of RELX vape care and maintenance tips to find out the ways to ensure your vape is working at its best.

How to Disassemble and Clean a RELX Vape

A RELX vape consists of three parts: the atomizer, pod, and battery. These parts need to be disassembled for deep cleaning. 

  • Atomizer

The atomizer is a heat-resistant metal responsible for vaporizing your e-liquid. It is activated by the coil, which acts as a heat conductor and is directly connected to the battery to generate heat. In most vapes, changing the coils is crucial, especially if you taste or smell something burnt, hear gurgling sounds, or notice your device is not producing as much vapor as it should.

Changing the coils on other vape devices can be a challenging process, as it involves disassembling the vape, draining the tank, soaking the new coil, and refilling the pod. Fortunately, in RELX vapes, the coil and atomizer are built into the cartridge, acting as a one-unit enclosed pod. This means you’ll get a new coil and cartridge when you buy a new pod.

  • Cartridge or Pod

The cartridge or pod is the disposable storage for e-liquids and bridges to the atomizer, enabling vaporization. When disassembling the pod, you simply have to take it out of the packaging, clean the cavity of your vape with a cotton bud dipped in isopropyl alcohol, let the device dry completely, and smoothly insert the pod into the vape’s cavity. If you hear the magnetic lock snap into place, you’ll know you’re keeping the liquid contents of your cartridge secure. 

To ensure the quality of your cartridges, keep them in their packaging at room temperature. It is also vital to inspect for leaks in your vape, which can occur with the buildup of vapors in the pod chamber. If this happens, you will need to wipe off the condensation at the bottom of the pod. 

  • Battery 

To take care of your RELX battery, clean the terminals regularly and disconnect your device from the power once it is fully charged. Also, avoid keeping your RELX on an empty charge so that it can work optimally. Finally, do not plug your device directly into a power outlet since the current may exceed the limit of 2A chargers and may damage your device.

RELX Vape Care Tips

A RELX vape is durable, efficient, and designed for long-term use. However, just like any device, it is susceptible to wear and tear. Nevertheless, you can prevent vape device issues from progressing with these care tips while ensuring safe vaping.

  • Store your pods in the right environment

With the liquid in your pods, it is crucial to store your vape in an upright position to prevent leaks. Other ways to extend its useful life and avoid battery malfunction include keeping it charged, putting it away from moisture or sunlight, and storing it at room temperature. 

  • Keep your RELX in a case

If you like taking your RELX everywhere, a portable storage case might be practical in maintaining the coils’ sufficient airflow and ensuring that the wicks stay saturated with the e-liquid. 

When traveling by air, you should detach the cartridge and store them in a sealed container, as the drastic change in air pressure can cause your device to leak.

  • Keep it fully charged

Keeping your vape battery low or dead can lead to plenty of issues, making your device unstable. Thus, your best protection against battery explosions or overheating is charging your RELX for not more than 40 minutes or until the charging LED indicator turns off, signifying your device is fully charged. For safety, make sure to charge on a clean surface, away from cloth and paper. 

  • Clean your device frequently

Cleaning your RELX is more manageable than all other brands of vapes. It involves removing your cartridge from your device, cleaning the insides of your pod with a cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol, drying it with a paper towel or air, and replacing the cartridge by attaching it to the magnetic cavity. 

If you aren't replacing your pod, you can take extra care of your mouthpiece by wiping it with alcohol and making sure it's air-dried before usage.

  • Don't let your coil burn out

If the e-liquid on your wick dries up, "overcooking" may take place. To prevent coil burnout, make sure your device has sufficient e-liquid to power through your use. Keeping your vape under the recommended temperature and consistently changing your pods can also prevent the horrible smoke that follows when the coil burns.

Optimize Your RELX

Prolonging the life of your RELX vape and optimizing the flavor of your e-liquid requires that you know how to clean your vape and how to disassemble the RELX properly. Maintaining RELX vapes is easier with their enclosed vape design and replaceable atomizers and cartridges.

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