What Your RELX Pod of Choice Reveals About Your Personality

What Your RELX Pod of Choice Reveals About Your Personality
It doesn’t sound like it, but your RELX pod says a lot about you! Read this article and discover what kind of person you are based on your pod of choice.

If you’re looking to get into vaping, there’s no better time to try them out than now! RELX has an exciting variety of vape pods for you to try, and this amount of variety means you’ll never run out of flavors to try while vaping.

Once you’ve tried plenty (if not all) of our pods, you now probably have a favorite or two. But did you consider how your favorite pod can reflect who you are as a person? That’s right! The flavors you like to use while doing impressive vape tricks can reveal a lot about your personality.

This article will give you a fun peek into what you are as a person based on your favorite RELX pod flavors. Read on and see if you and your friends match the personalities we’ve listed below!

What Your RELX Pod of Choice Reveals About Your Personality


Rich Tobacco

You probably tried tobacco first because it provides the closest flavor to smoking cigarettes. If the other pods you tasted afterward didn’t match up, you probably are an open-minded individual but tend to stick more with something that’s tried and tested. That makes you a practical dude when it comes to approaching various situations.

Menthol Plus

Menthol is a nice flavor to vape throughout the year. Its refreshing feel may reflect how your friends view you as well! You’re an adventurous and confident fellow who promises a grand time to anyone who has the pleasure of getting to know you.

Your free-spirited nature can get too intense at times, and you don’t mind a little conflict to spice things up. You can be considered a wild child, but you are a worthwhile friend to have.

Garden’s Heart

Did you know that the Ancient Romans used strawberries to cure depression? That’s how bright you are as a person who loves to vape the Garden’s Heart pod. People who love this strawberry-flavored pod tend to be youthful and spontaneous. There’s never a dull moment when you’re around.

You’re also loyal to your friends and see the best in everyone. However, your impulsiveness may have gotten you and your friends into several sticky situations in the past.

Golden Slice

The Golden Slice is a fruity pod like the Garden’s Heart, but people who love vaping with it have an entirely different personality. If you love this pod flavor, you’re an opinionated person who won’t compromise with your beliefs.

You also love going against the norm, which perfectly symbolizes the Golden Slice and its delicious mango flavor profile. You may be intimidating to others when they first meet you, but they love having you around.

Mellow Melody

Mellow Melody is one of the coolest-tasting pods in the RELX collection, and the sensation you get out of it is exactly how people view you. Its subtle hints of mint and honeydew provide a laidback effect that is perfect if you’re a friendly person who doesn’t require too much energy for people to be around you. They can have a great time with you by just sitting down and having a nice chat.

Your tendency to be casual also encourages others to be relaxed around you. You’re the type of friend people go to whenever they want some quiet time.

Green Zest Tobacco

Combining two distinct elements, Green Zest Tobacco is usually preferred by people with complex characteristics. Its combination of classic tobacco with a hint of mint says you like classic stuff but with a twist. You are sophisticated and love to be specific and brainy about things. You take the edge off with your humor, too.

You’re a fun person to be around, and your suave approach to things swoon friends and strangers alike.

Jasmine Green Tea

Tea can calm any stressed mind and boost someone’s energy, and that’s exactly what you do to your friends if you can’t get enough of RELX’s Jasmine Green Tea pod. You’re most likely the group’s “mom” (or dad)—that is level-headed and impartial to every conflict.

People usually look to you to make the final say. Fortunately, your humility stops you from abusing this power in your friend group.

Exotic Passion

This passion fruit-flavored pod provides a vaping experience that is as unique as its eye-catching name, and you’re pretty much the same. You know you’re different and you own it. You’re so comfortable and happy in your own skin that people around you can’t help but feel warm around you.

The fact that Exotic Passion is your vape pod of choice says a lot about your tastes: it’s unique and hard to describe. Some may not get what you’re into, but they love you all the more for it.

Hawaiian Sunshine

You love the mornings and always start the day with a nice puff of the sweet and tart pineapple-flavored Hawaiian Sunshine. You’re one of the most vibrant and bubbly persons in your friend group. This vibrance also carries over to your decision-making process: you’re quick to pick a choice and even quicker to stand by it.

Your vibrant side isn’t something you show to everyone, though. It takes a while before you consider someone a friend. However, people who gain your trust are the ones that you are fiercely loyal to.

Palm Rounds

People who love Palm Rounds probably vape Hawaiian Sunshine in their spare time, and you share similar traits with those who have the latter as their pod of choice. You love meeting and being around people. You love being enveloped in a party. Heck, you are the party!

This piña colada flavored pod is perfect if you love living in the moment and appreciating the little things in life. If people want to have a blast, you’re always the first person they call.

Vape with Style with RELX

As they say, you are what you eat. That may also apply to your vape pod of choice, but you shouldn’t let that limit you. You’re free to vibe with whatever pod you want with your friends.

If you’re hankering for a vibrant vaping experience, you can never go wrong with RELX Club. We always have high-quality devices and pods that can give you the most delicious vapors on this side of the Pacific. Visit our site to see how we can transform your daily vaping experience.