RELX Essential vs Infinity (What to Choose)

RELX Essential vs Infinity (What to Choose)

The components of vaping devices vary from one piece of hardware to another, and it’s for you to decide which look or feel you want best.

For instance, you could choose atomizer heads with low resistance coils if you’re a fan of large clouds of smoke, but go for high resistance coils if you’d rather be discreet while enjoying your vape juice. So you see, vaping devices aren’t created equal—some will fit your personality better than others.

When it comes to RELX vapes, you have two options: RELX Essential and RELX Infinity. In this post, we’ll break down how they stack up against each other to help you pick the one best suited for your unique needs.


RELX Essential

This device is what it says it is—essential, especially for beginners.

As a vaping newbie, your main concern, more than anything else, is to get your hands on an entry level device. At this point, the thought of making a hobby out of customizing your device is perhaps the least of your worries. You’re in it for the experience and, from what you’ve heard, vaping with RELX is as smooth as smoking can get.    

RELX Essential brings out the fun in vaping without giving you the nasty throat hits or leaving that unwanted aftertaste in your mouth. It has a super smooth feel to it, courtesy of the technology included with the device.


Active-steam Pro

This feature in a RELX Essential doesn’t overwhelm you with thick vapors because it controls the amount of power that the device’s atomizer uses to produce puffs of smoke.



The same feature is designed for precise temperature control. As your device runs out of vape juice, Active-steam Pro goes to work by preventing the coil from overheating so that it releases less vapor instead of dry hits.


Aero Boost

When you vape, you apply negative pressure on your device’s battery to power the coil and vaporize the e-liquid that you then inhale. RELX’s Essential device nails aerodynamics in vaping via its Aero Boost design, as it triggers the right amount of airflow to help you draw vapor gradually without feeling saturated.


With these functionalities, RELX Essential is the ultimate user-friendly device for beginner vapers. But it also takes overall design in a vaping device very seriously. Even with frequent use, RELX Essential won’t succumb to scratches, dents, or any other form of wear and tear thanks to a wavy texture surface that gives optimum protection to the device.

Compatible with any RELX Pod Pro, it comes in a wide range of colors too, including one in Blue Glow that’s the latest addition to the RELX Essential line.  


RELX Infinity

In 2020, RELX Infinity received the Red Dot Award for product design from Germany’s design association. That alone should tell you that this vaping device packs a lot of punch even for experts with the most discriminating taste.

For starters, RELX Infinity has an attractive design because its metallic aluminum alloy material with a satin smooth finish makes it sleek, elegant, and trendy all at the same time. It comes with a charging case that lets you charge on-the-go using either a built-in Pogo pin or a USB-C port, so you don’t need to worry about the device’s battery dying on you.

Beyond an excellent design and long battery life, RELX Infinity offers a vaping experience like no other through its top-of-the-line features.


Intuitive pods

A subtle click, vibrating motion, and LED indicator—these alerts let you know that you’ve switched the flavored cartridges on your vaping device properly.

Smart Pace alerts

Under the hood of your device is a smart alert system. Aside from a glowing light ring that you see when you vape, you’ll also feel a slight vibration feedback to remind you to monitor your vape usage, as you may be puffing more than you should.

Resistance to leaks

Being a closed system device, RELX Infinity eliminates the chances of leaking to a significant degree. Plus, the compatible RELX Pods Pro’s 11-layer, maze-like structure is an efficient mechanism that delivers the vape juice properly to the atomizer. Any excess e-liquid gets trapped in the maze, so leakage becomes all but impossible.


    Key Differences Between RELX Essential and Infinity

    RELX Infinity vs Essential

    In terms of features, the RELX Infinity is a few notches higher than Essential.

    The dual charging options and the Smart Pace alert system offered by Infinity are nifty features that let you vape anytime you want but without going overboard either.

    On the other hand, RELX Essential has all the standard features you need to learn the basics of vaping, so it’s more low-key but you still get the same super smooth experience as with the Infinity.


    Choosing the Perfect RELX Device

    Your choice of vaping device is, ultimately, a personal matter. RELX Essential is very straightforward, so it simplifies all the various aspects of vaping for you. RELX Infinity is more like a hybrid, combining the basic features and more in one powerful device. 

    Since RELX Essential and Infinity are designed to work with RELX Pro Pods, specially designed to prevent leakage, both are good candidates for the perfect RELX device.


    For all your quality vaping needs, be sure to visit RELX Club. Check out the official RELX store!