What Does Your RELX Device Color of Choice Say About You?

What Does Your RELX Device Color of Choice Say About You?

The color of your RELX vape device can say a lot about your personality. Find out if you and your device are a match in this fun guide!

When you buy items, sometimes color and visual appearance can be significant factors when deciding which to pick. Practicality and convenience—yes, they’re important too, but purchases can be more than those considerations to represent who you are and your personality. 

The same goes for your RELX vape! With an array of RELX colors to choose from, your choice can show what kind of personality you have. Are you a spontaneous explorer? Perhaps a passionate romantic? Or even a fashion-forward trendsetter?

Experts believe that your color preferences have something to do with the type of image you’re trying to project. Do you think your personality matches your RELX device color? Find out what your color choice says about you in this guide! 

RELX Device Colors and Your Personality


Known as the symbol of desire and excitement, red is a bold color choice. All eyes are on you because you exude confidence, strength, and power. You’re also passionate and full of energy and constantly seeking thrill and adventure. Staying still is not part of your game, as you always need to be on the move. As an adventure-lover, you don’t turn down spontaneous trips. A quick trip to the beach? Wait up while I pack my bag!

The vape that matches your personality is the RELX Infinity Device Color Red and the RELX Essential Device in Red


Blue is the color of trust and loyalty. You value your relationships and care deeply for every one of them. During a lockdown, you don’t fail to chat up your friends or schedule Zoom calls to check up on how everybody is doing. You’re reliable, calm, gentle, and honest. Amid the chaos, everyone wishes they had your peace. 

For a serene mind like yours, your vape partners are the RELX Infinity Device in Deep Blue and the RELX Essential Device Color Steel Blue and Blue.  


Green represents growth and renewal. It signifies your practical, compassionate, and down-to-earth nature. Most likely, you are the glue that holds your friend group together. Plus, you’re a big health and wellness buff. Whether trying vegan recipes or taking up yoga, you’re all in it for self-care. 

Treat yourself with a device that shows your love for growth and prosperity. RELX Essential Device in Green is surely your color. 


White gives off a vibe of cleanliness and order. Its bright and bare color appeals to you because, most likely, you’re independent, logical, and organized. You like everything to be in order. It wouldn’t be surprising if, in your spare time, you would evaluate your stuff, thinking if they “spark joy.” 

Add RELX Essential Device in White to your minimalism collection. It’s sleek and compact, the device you need to vape in style.  


If black is your go-to color, then you’re the type of person that radiates authority and makes others feel secure and protected. You’re a bit serious but also dignified and elegant. People may find you intimidating, but once they get to know you, you’re actually pretty cool and trustworthy. 

To add to your cool factor and classy look, RELX has devices in the classic Black color. Take your pick between the Infinity Device and the Essential Device


Silver is the fun and playful version of gray. You’re a sophisticated modernist who is up-to-date with all the trends. You probably like watching shows about innovative and emerging technologies. We’re sure you have an unboxing tech review in your YouTube watch history. 

People who gravitate towards silver tend to be great communicators. It means you’re comfortable with public speaking or aren’t afraid to speak your mind—all of these while remaining graceful and sophisticated. 

If you like modern tech, you’ll love the RELX Infinity Device in Silver. Not only does the color match your personality but it also has a lot of innovative features like a dual charging system and a SmartPace Vibrate Alert. 


Choosing the color gold shows that you like to draw in people with your positive and ambitious personality. You have extroverted energy that makes everyone want to be friends with you. But, charisma isn’t the only reason they like you. 
You also desire knowledge, allowing you to pay attention to small details. You want to learn more about your surroundings and the people around you. This makes you a great conversationalist. Talking with you can go on for hours, and it never gets boring! 

Another trait related to gold is the desire for luxury, and what’s more luxurious than a vape device in gold? The RELX Infinity Device in Gold can give you what you want to look classy and influential. 


While gradient isn’t technically a color, it is an attractive design that lures people with a playful personality. Picking gradient means you love whimsical fun! You’re an individualist who doesn’t like to do the expected. If the crowd goes left, you go right. 

RELX has designs fit for your fun-loving spirit. The Infinity Device comes in Sky Blush and Arctic Mist. Meanwhile, the Essential Device comes in Neon Purple and Blue Glow

Get a Better Vaping Experience with RELX

Vaping is more than getting your vape fix. It’s also about the look. With RELX’s array of colors and designs, you can choose one that surely matches your style and personality—whether you’re an independent minimalist or an ambitious extrovert. For all your quality vaping needs, be sure to visit RELX Club.