How to Use a RELX Vape

How to Use a RELX Vape
RELX combines elegant designs with next-generation technology to give you a great vaping experience. Find out more about RELX vape devices and how to use them.

With a myriad of vaping devices to choose from today, finding the right one for you can be a bit daunting. Since vaping is a way for you to transition out of cigarette smoking, you’d want your chosen vape to give you the best experience right off the bat to make the transition seamless. If you’ve chosen to go with RELX, then you’ve made a great choice!

RELX combines elegant and modern designs with next-generation technology to create devices that provide you with an ultimately easy yet effective vaping experience. They have ergonomic and practical features such as long-lasting battery life and leak-proof qualities, which are essential to any vape device. 

Read on to find out more about RELX devices and how to use them, and discover why they have everything you need in a vape.

A Rundown on RELX Devices

When it comes to vaping, you deserve utmost convenience, power, and essentially a device that can keep up with your everyday lifestyle. The latest RELX devices deliver that kind of experience—in style! Here’s all you need to know about them:

RELX Infinity

The RELX Infinity offers vapers infinite utility, reliability, and taste. Coming in with a sleek, clean look, the device carries an impressive 380mAh battery. You can fully charge the Infinity in 45 minutes, and once you need to charge, its dual charging capabilities makes it very convenient to carry. Simply click it into the wireless charging case for up to 3 extra days of battery life. Alternatively, the Infinity has a symmetrical Type-C port so you can plug it in quickly and easily.

RELX Infinity also has a built-in SmartPace Vibrate Alert function, which allows the device to notify you through a slight vibration if you take over 15 puffs within 15 minutes. This ensures you vape at a moderate pace without overdoing it.

RELX Essential

As the name suggests, the RELX Essential covers everything you need in a vape device—at an amazing price! It features a 350mAh battery, which can last you up to 360 puffs on a single charge. You can easily recharge the device with a USB-C cable in around 40 minutes.

The Essential also sports a unique design that boasts reliability. The wavy surface provides protection from everyday wear and tear, while also providing you with a good grip so you can easily retrieve it from your bag or pocket.

Both RELX devices were designed for an intuitive experience. Two innovative technologies make this possible: the Active-steam Pro and the Air Boost design. Active-steam Pro actively balances and controls the vape’s atomizing power and temperature, ensuring consistent vapor quality and volume. Meanwhile, Air Boost comes in the form of an aerodynamic design that pushes vapor up from the atomizer effortlessly through negative pressure. This gives you a smooth throat hit and mouthfeel.

All this—capped off with an ergonomic mouthpiece and a Leak-resistant Maze, will give you a pleasant, hassle-free, and Super Smooth™ vaping experience.

Finally, both the Infinity and Essential are compatible with the latest RELX Pod Pro. Each pod contains 1.9 mL of flavorful liquid, which lasts the average user around 300 puffs. RELX Pods Pro are also available in a range of nicotine levels and a variety of flavors, allowing you to find one that best suits your preference.

Using Your RELX Vape

RELX Classic Starter Kit

Refer to this simple guide as your ultimate reference on how to use a RELX e-cigarette. 

Pop in a RELX pod of your choosing

Take the e-liquid pod out of its packaging and insert it into the RELX e-cigarette’s cavity. 

RELX pods and devices stay connected via a magnetic lock, so you’ll find that the pod slides and attaches onto the device smoothly.

Gently inhale on the mouthpiece of the RELX Pod to start

Unlike other e-cigarettes or vape pens, you won’t have to deal with any buttons to vape. Simply inhale or “pull” to activate the pressure-sensitive pod, then take in the vapor. With each pull, you’ll notice that the indicator lights up softly. When it flickers, this tells you that you’re inhaling too long or too deeply.

Charge your device’s battery

Out of the box, RELX devices come charged and ready for use—so you don’t need to worry about charging from the get-go. You’ll know when it’s time to charge through the device’s LED indicator light. When the battery is getting low, the light will slowly flash red. When completely out of power, the light will rapidly flash red.

To charge, simply insert the charging cable to the bottom of the device and plug it into the nearest power source. The indicator light should stay on during charging and turn off when fully charged. It generally takes 40-60 minutes for a full charge.

Cleaning and storing your device

See to it that you clean your device from time to time. Wipe it down with a tissue and some isopropyl alcohol. Use a Q-tip dipped in the alcohol to clean the cavity of the device chassis. Make sure to let it dry completely before resuming use. When the device is not in use, keep it in a safe and dry place, and away from children.  

Get the Most Out of Your RELX Vape

RELX products go beyond simple vaping devices. They serve as cutting-edge accessories representing the most advanced generation of vaping technology. To make the most out of them, make sure that your RELX device is cared for! Don’t forget to check your packaging instructions for proper maintenance and to know your device inside and out. 

Most importantly, proper care extends towards the vaper themselves. Ensure great, consistent vaping by taking it slow and studying the right nicotine levels that best support your transition into vaping. Over time, explore different e-liquid flavors to get the best flavor with each vape. 

You’re bound to learn the best way to vape for you as you go along your vaping journey, but it all starts with an excellent device. Go ahead and visit RELX Club today for all your quality vaping products and needs!