How to Avoid Buying Illicit Vape Pods

How to Avoid Buying Illicit Vape Pods
The illicit vape pod, the source of all the seeming dangers of vaping, can easily be uncloaked with these tips.


Vape shop owners might not always welcome regulation thinking that it’s bad for business. But the mere mention of vaping, in whatever manner, denotes that the industry is buzzing with activity. If you think about it, added regulation only means that vaping has breached into the mainstream. This means that more and more people are using it, after getting the attention and nod of the public. 

The critics are working hard. This is good. 

It creates balance and regulation gets the bad aspects of vaping, like the illicit vape pod, out of the picture. What is left is nothing but the pure, fragrant, blissful part that you know and love about vaping. Indeed, tight regulation can help improve the vaping industry, if you look at it from a broader point of view.

As someone who’s into vaping, you can train yourself how to tell the good stuff from the bad stuff. Here’s a quick infographic with some useful tips and advice.


How to Avoid Buying Illicit Vape Pods (Infographic)


How to Avoid Unregulated Vape Pods

The illicit vape pod, the source of all the seeming dangers of vaping, can easily be uncloaked. A little investigation is all that is needed to save yourself from the ills of counterfeit vape products, which are also discussed later on in this post.

To uncover what is fluff and separate it from what is real, follow these steps:


Stick to authorized, trusted distributors

This is relatively a walk in the park. Legit distributors are the big corner shops in your neighborhood. You will also be able to tell them apart from the prices they charge. They are not likely to be the cheapest option because after all, they’re not selling dirt pie.

Some websites have a store finder to help you out in your search for real and safe vape shops.

You can also type in the search bar of your browser, “Top vape companies” or “Top vape pods.” Once you have your search results, check the top 3 or so from your favorite review websites, and you will see a pattern. Then check with your friends or local gurus of vape for confirmation.


Check the brand’s website for legitimacy before making any purchases

The way to do this is to check the authenticity number. Legit pod mods have this indicated on the packaging, and one check at the manufacturer’s website will tell you if something is amiss. It sure is best to enter an authenticity number first before buying your vaping device.


Check the look and feel of the packaging

Knockoff items for vaping—or any other use for that matter—seem to have a knack for giving themselves away. Either they contain spelling errors or have inconsistencies in the logo they use on the packaging. In short, they don’t look like a premium brand that you should do business with. 


Stop buying from a source if the smell, look, feel, or taste is funky

    Yes, it’s possible that an illicit vape pod will come with flavored cartridges that actually taste good. It is only after testing the product, and getting ill, that you will be able to confirm your suspicions.

    You can do some detective work on the cartridge though. Turn the vape cartridge upside down. The bubble in the cartridge will remain still and not move to the top if it is authentic. If you encounter these things, find another supplier. Go back to tip numbers 1 and 2.


    Look for—and read—the instruction manual

      Sure, those product manuals can be dry and boring, but the benefit of taking a glimpse at them is immeasurable.

      How is the content written? Do the guides even make sense? Are they professional-looking? Good graphics along with simple, short, and straightforward directions for use are what you should look out for.


      Why You Should Avoid Fake Vaping Products at All Costs

      Fake vaping products that leave a bitter aftertaste are a real bummer, but of course, there’s more to it than that. It pays to be more discerning about what you’re buying, or deal with some ugly consequences as listed below.


      They are unregulated and can contain dangerous chemicals

        A toxicology research on e-cigarette ingredients found toxic compounds that are not listed in their labels, like toluene. Toluene is the main culprit for liquid forming in the lungs. The mixing and matching of different ingredients, and their interaction with illicit vape pods are thought of as the reason.

        The thing is, toxic toluene was “unintentionally” formed from these circumstances—the manufacturing and selling of fake vaping products that do not adhere to product safety assurance.

        According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 3000 people have been hospitalized because of illicit vape pods containing counterfeit e-juice. They contained a form of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is fine when swallowed, but harmful when inhaled into the lungs.


        The ingredient concentrations do not match the label

          In the state of Massachusetts, policy makers are saying that vape brands should reveal all of the substances making up the ingredients of vape pods retailed to customers.

          Regulation is figuring out how to go about ensuring quality when it comes to concentrations of vape ingredients. Still, regulation is a good thing, in that it tells manufacturers to have better quality control for their vape products. That is why you should look for vape shops that are listed/registered as legitimate businesses by your state.


          They make for a bad smoking experience (not smooth smell, feel, or taste)

            An authentic vape pod system may result in isolated cases of “spit back.” This is when the e-liquid doesn’t turn into vapor, but instead, “spits” it out. With fake or illicit vape pods, you’re more likely to encounter this problem. We all know how much of a put off it is when that happens.


            They may be a potential fire or explosion hazard

              Prone to overheating, illicit vape pods have been known to cause explosions of vapes since fake batteries tend to distribute energy unevenly. If a battery gets wonky, or the juice output proves too hot for the vape cartridge, BOOM!

              To avoid the issues of undercharging, overcharging, and letting batteries touch each other or metal surfaces that are quite common in illicit vape pods, make sure you stick to quality vape pods from authentic sellers.


              You Get What You Pay For

              Well-informed consumers would never buy street vape products peddled online, in the alleys, or on sidewalks. Illicit vape pods bought cheaply are simply not worth it. 

              Vapes are here to be a safer alternative to cigarette smoking, and being safe comes with a cost. That cost is not just money but also time spent. Vape enthusiasts like yourself should take the time to get vaping supplies from the best legitimate sources possible. 


              When it comes to vaping, stick with legit products.